We asked the leading industry experts for their thoughts on destination marketing and bidding

Q: What makes a successful destination marketing campaign?

MICE destinations pride themselves with advanced infrastructure, solid flight connections, quality service and high-end hospitality. Today’s marketing campaigns are expected to deliver more than logistics. The story you’re telling about the destination and its people and culture must be original and exciting. If the storytelling is authentic and strong, the audience will listen and follow through. In addition to Reykjavik offering a high-quality destination, the city has an authentic character with a big heart and therefore our storytelling flows easily and grasps the audience.

Q: What can your destination offer event organisers that other destinations cannot?

With the new message of MICE Travel being Unconventional and the city of Reykjavik being anything but conventional, we’re connecting with the MICE audience on a deeper level and our message is very current. Reykjavik is a safe and relaxed European city that offers accessibility and convenience, our venues and hotels are mostly situated within or around the city centre and can be traveled to and forth by foot. In addition to our solid logistical offerings, our city is surrounded by unforgettable nature, an asset that can only be experienced and not described. There aren’t many places in the city where you’re not greeted by the ocean, mountains, or rugged fields. Reykjavik is inspiring and gives our visitors long-lived memories with a touch of indescribable magic.

Q: In your opinion, what makes a good convention bureau?

A clear vision of service excellence supported by skills and determination to help MICE planners create a successful and unforgettable event.


Q: How do you prepare a successful bid?

Because every bid is different, the first thing to do when taking on a new bid is to identify and take the pulse of local stakeholders, followed by studying the client’s vision for the event and the bid’s guidelines. Articulation and strong communication is the key to successfully matching new clients with venues, tour operators and hospitality partners. If you put in the time, have positive energy, pay attention to details and listen to what people are after, you’re highly likely to make your bid a success.

Q: Who should be involved in the preparation of a successful bid?

Support from local stakeholders that we’ve matched with the client’s vision is the primary player, and in some bids, additional support comes from local- and/or state authorities. Most importantly, we need our partners involved as they’ll be servicing the client and operating the event.

Q: Latest stories of success?

The European Film Awards will be hosted in Reykjavík in December 2020. A successful bid that was announced last month. Reykjavík competed against two other European cities for the event and Meet In Reykjavík led the bidding process alongside stakeholders from both public and private sectors in Iceland. About 1,400 guests of the European Film Academy are expected to attend the award ceremony which will be broadcast live throughout Europe. It’s a great honor for Reykjavík and an opportunity to further promote Icelandic art, culture, and design. It’s an important recognition for the Icelandic film industry and presents Reykjavík as a coveted travel and filmmaking destination.


About Sigurdur

Sigurdur Valur Sigurdsson is the Director of Marketing for Meet in Reykjavík, the official Convention Bureau for Reykjavík City and surroundings. Sigurður has got an Executive MBA degree and a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Studies both from the University of Iceland. He has been working as a Brand Manager for Ölgerðin, the oldest and largest producer of beer and soft drinks in Iceland and before that he was Director of Marketing for Iceland Express, a low-fare airline headquartered in Reykjavík. Over the years he has gathered diverse management experience; managing and developing both national and international brands in retail, tourism, and aviation.

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