Imagine hosting an event in an extraordinary location, a hotel rooftop with an extensive view over a city, breathing in the fresh air high above the town and in a pleasant ambiance, a spot where everything is very natural under the broad sky. This is precisely the image behind hosting an event on the rooftop of Hotel Park, and it all began for the celebration of Earth Day…

Hotel Park has carried out their mission of being the most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana and they have completely fulfilled it, a part of which was deciding to honour Earth Day by for the very first time hosting a music event on the hotel rooftop. As the first event was a great success, they have decided to host even more such events in the future.

To get to the position of being able to host an event at the rooftop the hotel has encountered some challenges, all of which they successfully addressed. As there is no lift access to the rooftop, every detail needs to be thought about in advance. Carrying all the equipment, food and drinks, and, as the doorway to the roof is quite narrow, it is also necessary to arrange an appropriate stage and bar that can all be fitted in. Catering is therefore available at the hotel as far as finger food and other cold cuts go, but unfortunately, they cannot provide warm meals because of the logistics of that. In any case, they are extremely proud of their green “coffee breaks”, which reflect their whole green story.

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