The Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hammam (Hürrem Sultan Hamamı) was built in 1556 for Süleyman the Magnificent and thoroughly renovated in 2012. Today it is known as one of the most authentic and unchanged hammams, one where men and women enter separately. Its symmetrical shape and perfect lines make it an architectural gem. The Hammam was open to the public for 350 years until 1910, when space lost its glory and was used as a storage room for coal and later as a local rug market. In line with original plans, the Hammam was renovated in 2012 and the end result is a breathtaking space that captivates people with its atmosphere and mood. The sauna can be privatized for groups of up to 40 guests.

Unlike the Finnish sauna, where you can immediately feel the dry heat of the burning stove, Turkish saunas are milder and reach a maximum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. What’s special about the oriental variant of the sauna is the 90-100 percent humidity, which can supposedly help with rheumatic diseases and even arthritis. Regular visits to the sauna have numerous beneficial effects on the body, from raising your energy levels, reducing stress, ridding your body of toxins, cleansing your skin and keeping your immune system strong and ready to fight colds, asthma or bronchitis. One of the side effects can also be losing a kilo of body fat here and there. A visit to the sauna is a unique and memorable experience for your congress guests, who will feel reborn after walking through the door. We believe it can be a great intensifier of bonds between members of the group.

The hammam’s location in the Sultanahmet district is easily accessible, but traffic is likely to clog up during rush hour. Luckily Istanbul can also be explored by either metro or tram.

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