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Fortress of Revelin is located on the eastern part of the City. The initial fort was built in 1463. It was built as a detached fortress providing protection to the eastern City Gate. The name derives from rivelino ( ravelin ) which is a term in architecture that refers to forts built opposite to the weakest points in the defense system or opposite to the particular city gates with the purpose of reinforcing the defensive position. During the time of First Holy League, it was necessary to strengthen this point in the fortification complex because of the danger of Venetian attack. In 1538 the Senate approved Antonio Ferramolino’s drawings for stronger Revelin fortress. All other constructions work were stopped until the Revelin is finished. It took 11 years to build it. Revelin was finally completed in 1549. It became the strongest fortress of Dubrovnik.

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Revelin has an irregular quadrilateral form. The fort was not harmed by the earthquake of 1667 because of its perfect and strong construction. After an earthquake, Revelin became the administrative center of the Republic. There are three large valuated rooms in its interior. There were organized the sessions of the Council and all the treasures of the Dubrovnik cathedral and Republic were transferred there.
In the inside of the Revelin fort, there is a night club where they organize rock concerts, techno parties, regular night club evenings and exclusive entry parties.

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FUN FACT: There is a large stone – paved terrace on the top of Revelin which is sometimes used as a stage for many events of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival in a period from July 10th to August 25th.

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