In one of the most innovative communities in Slovenia, Šentrupert, a unique and internationally recognised tourist destination which carries out its mission of the preservation of Slovenian cultural heritage – hayracks, was created. Hayracks Land, through which one can walk among various, some as even over 200 years old hayracks on an over 1 kilometre long walking trail, is located on a 2.5 hectares large area. It consists of three parts:

• The outdoor museum with hay racks, where all 6 types of hay-racks, which are known in the Slovenian ethnic territory, are represented and which were transferred to the location from the broader Mirna Valley and restored according to classical methods.

• Centre for the conservation of cultural heritage as an important educational point of diverse rural heritage through exhibitions, archives, and events that will contribute to the conservation of life in rural areas.

• “In situ” network of preserved wooden buildings of cultural heritage in the Mirna Valley, which will connect various cultural heritage at the basic sites into a comprehensive offer.

The Hayracks Land represents a tourist, educational and cultural centre, which in addition to the basic infrastructure – hayracks, in a natural setting offers professional guided tours of the museum, educational workshops, games for children and adults, team building for companies and organisations, international exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows, special weddings, over-night stays in the barn and facilities for campers.

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