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Croatia's most significant cultural venue - Mochvara Club

As one of the most significant cultural venues in the country, offering not only cultural events like music concerts, disco nights, art exhibits, plays, literary and movie programs, discussions and workshops, but also business and private events, club Močvara has been bringing together young people from all walks of life for almost two decades. The club is ideally located on the bank of the river Sava, just a 15-minute walk from downtown Zagreb. The club is equipped for hosting a wide variety of events.

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The venue consists of a main hall, a smaller bar space and large terrace space. The adjoining yard is also on disposal for larger open air events. The club has on disposal a free visitor parking space, a large indoor parking space reserved for performers, dressing room, backstage, shower, 150 chairs, Wi-Fi, projection screen and high-def. projector. The club is equipped with high quality lighting, speakers, dj equipment, and backline, operated by experienced technicians.

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Trnjanski Nasip BB, 10000 Zagreb
P: +385 1 6159 668



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