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How does it sound to host an event on a train, traveling along while having a corporate event, starting off in one place and finishing at another? The train is already a special space that offers great opportunities for socialising on the way to the next destination, so the goal can become the journey itself. It is one of the few means of transport that offers the possibility of dining, sleeping, rest room access etc., all whilst being en route.

Slovenian Railways participates in the preparation of events with private and business clients, among whom the lion’s share are tour operators from Slovenia and abroad, organisers of events and concerts. In conjunction with them, they organise traditional train events such as press conferences, music trains, cheering trains, fairy-tale animations on trains, other content animations on the train or just excursion trips. The capacity of the train may vary depending on the type of event, but the Ljubljana-Belgrade party train, for example, has hosted about 400 passengers. The wedding train, which had only the restaurant section of the train plus chairs and tables, hosted 42 guests.

In their regular offer, the catering on the trains is what exists on certain international trains, such as on the EC EMONA train between Ljubljana and Vienna. This train has a restaurant wagon and it was on this very one that the wedding was organised just a short time back. For organised transportation or events by request, they can be flexible with the catering offer and can assure it on-site, depending on the wishes of the client, but the option of hiring just the restaurant section and bringing independent catering is always a possibility.

Holding events can also be done by request on special trains (e.g. the museum train), although it is a cheaper option for an organiser if the event takes place on a regular train route.

A train is an excellent place for socialising on the go, and this advantage is becoming more and more interesting for the market, which is looking for the best use of time and the originality of events. The organisation and implementation of special services, including train events, has seen a growing trend in recent years. The train is becoming an increasingly popular means of doing business or tourism trips and there is an increasing awareness that the train line is not only environmentally friendly, but that it is a space that allows for originality and good use of the time whilst being already on the way. So what is the advantage of an event on a train? Well, an advantage is an event that “moves” and allows guests to socialise on the trip to the destination point. Movement is known to relax people and the train itself allows for switching carriages into the private restaurant, a living room in the compartment, a fairy-tale space, the cheerleader room…it certainly is a challenge and something different, unforgettable.

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Fancy jumping back in time and taking a scenic ride on a steam heritage train on the picturesque Slovenian railways? Renting the heritage train is available by special order, or you can rent a particular wagon on its regular route. The steam train has its regular routes on the Celje-Podčetrtek connection, and in December Santa Claus will be traveling with it on the various routes in Slovenia. In the case of incentive programmes and additional requests, Slovenian Railways will be pleased to adapt to the wishes of the client and help make the best event possible.