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Zagreb's most famous and biggest event hall - the Culture Factory

The Culture Factory is the biggest concert hall in Zagreb, Croatia and in the region and it is widely recognised as the quintessential Zagreb brand. The Culture Factory is estimated to generate around 90,000 of visitors each year, attending different events.

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Following the refurbishment, the Culture Factory has become the best equipped club in Croatia, both from the technical and production-based point of view, while the experts believe this is a concert hall with the best sound quality out there due to its isolation and trapezoidal shape. The new equipment in the Culture Factory (sound & lighting system) has been selected to fulfil the terms of most tour “riders” for famous foreign performers needed in this type of venue, as well as the most challenging events.

Its refurbished industrial-style interior gives off a refreshing vibe thanks to which the Culture Factory is known to be among the most popular venues in the region to host events, in line with the top global production trends in interior design for this kind of venue.

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The benefits that make the Culture Factory the most comprehensive venue for event management in the region:

Beautiful interior, iconic landmark building , perfect spatial communication, contemporary technical production, well-designed and well-equipped bartender stations, kitchen, a very central location in Zagreb, easy access, a well-established and professional event management team, well-developed partner network.

Event management team at the Culture Factory provides every client with a full planning service package, designing the venue and programme logistics, and makes sure that all services needed for a perfect event are provided.

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