Photo credit:š Fevžer

Maribor, the capital of Slovenian Styria and the 2nd largest Slovenian city, holds the greatest asset in its extraordinary access to nature, with an attractive position under the green Pohorje plateau which is the pride and joy of the Styria region. Pohorje is a natural wonderland awash with primeval forests, lakes, waterfalls and an abundance of hiking and cycling trails that criss-cross its breathtaking scenery.

Photo credit: Marko Petrej

And from now on, as Maribor-Pohorje Tourist Board has recently announced, it will be possible to visit Pohorje mountain and its beautiful forest trails with a help of a map. In addition, the visitor to Pohorje will receive, if so requested, the card of Pohorje Culinary trail. The map and the card were an idea of the Tourist Hospitality Association of Pohorje and were published with the support of four, on Pohorje bordering, municipalities (Maribor, Hoče-Slivnica, Ruše, and Slovenska Bistrica) and in a cooperation with the Maribor-Pohorje Tourist Board.


The map of the Eastern Pohorje provides sights, cycling and hiking trails of Eastern Pohorje. Besides the trails, it presents the natural and cultural heritage of Pohorje. The map will make it easier for hikers and cyclists to get oriented, and thus get to know the beauty of this part of Pohorje. The map also shows accommodation providers with contact information and photos of some of the natural attractions of eastern Pohorje.

Photo credit: Jurij Pivka


With the Pohorje Culinary Trail Card, visitors will taste authentic Pohorje dishes at certain lodges and hotels. With each tasting they will receive a stamp and with the latest stamp collected, they will earn a free dessert from that particular gastronomy provider.

Photo credit: Jernej Borovinšek

Both novelties in the tourist offer of the Maribor-Pohorje Tourist Board are also provided in English so that foreign visitors, including business and congress guests to Maribor, can experience the beauty and gastronomy of the vast green surfaces of the Pohorje plateau.