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Cultural Centre of Novi Sad - a Multidisciplinary and Multimedia Venue

Cultural Center of Novi Sad, formerly known as ‘Youth Forum’, has thrived from a fifty-year long tradition activism and is among the most eminent and important cultural institutions of interdisciplinary and multimedia character in Novi Sad and Vojvodina.
Their field of work falls into several different categories: promotion and development of film, theater, visual arts, literature, humanities and social studies; organization of various interdisciplinary and multimedia events, projects, happenings and manifestations. Besides, they publish a literature and theory magazine ‘Polja’. They also organize four prestigious international festivals – ‘Proza Fest’ (a literature and prose festival held in April), ‘INFANT’ (an alternative and new theater held in June), ‘Novi Sad Film Festival’ (held in November) and ‘Euro-In’ (a European and independent film festival held in December)

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Katolička porta 5, Novi Sad 21101, Srbija
P: +381 21 528972

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