Photo credit: histriaaromatica.hr

Histria Aromatica - an Exceptionally Beautiful Location home to a Unique Agricultural Farm

In an exceptionally beautiful location on a land comprising 100 000 m2 emerged a unique agricultural farm and theme park called Histria Aromatica. You can explore the park yourself or if preferred book a guided tour.

There is also a restaurant in which you can enjoy the local cuisine on the most beautiful terrace in whole Istria, taste fresh food with ingredients from Histria Aromatica’s eco garden, try local wine and brandy, and just sit back and relish the majestic view.

You could also host your own event there. Their offer is to recreate the fairytale together, combining heavenly location, aromatic plants, traditional recipes and your vision. Your event could be held at multimedia hall with special effective and light effects is ideal for holding lectures, presentations, seminars and organizing small concerts.

Photo credit: histriaaromatica.hr

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Pižanovac 37, Golaš – 52 211 Bale, Croatia
P: + 385 (0) 99 390 81 61
E: histria@aromatica.hr
W: histriaaromatica.hr

Photo credit: histriaaromatica.hr