The 4th annual CHARGE Energy Branding Conference will bring together leading energy and communications experts from September 31 to October 1 in Reykjavik. The goal of the conference is to learn how energy companies can survive in rapidly changing energy markets and it will address energy branding with more than thirty speakers across three discussion themes: Branding, Innovation and Green.

For exploring and strengthening the relationship between branding and the energy sector, the event will host workshops, a networking night, and the CHARGE Awards, recognizing the world’s best energy brands.

“Today consumer-centric energy markets require that energy companies have branding on the top of their agenda. The opportunity cost of not building a strong brand is high, shows both income statements of companies and academic research,” says Fridrik Larsen, CEO of LarsEn Energy Branding, the host and founder of the event. “This is ever more important as the market space is changing. New companies are consuming and producing renewables, technology is making this possible, and previous consumers are also becoming prosumers.”

Charge Energy Branding brings together c-level executives and other key members of the energy and communications sector to learn from each other and move forward together.


Program Overview

31 September: The first day of the conference will focus on the vision energy brands have for their own companies and the energy sector as a whole. From talks such as “Building a brand community” to “How to accelerate the energy transition”, the day will include networking sessions for the different attendees and brands represented as well as witness the announcement of the world’s best energy brands at the CHARGE Awards Ceremony in the evening. With six categories that recognize the talent behind the world’s best energy brands, the CHARGE Awards are an opportunity for highlighting the innovation, leadership and sustainability of long-established and emerging energy brands around the world.

1 October: The second day will focus on best practices, skills and know-how that participants can add to their professional toolboxes. Talks and recommendations will be on display including “Technology in the Energy Industry — Hype,Trust & Reality in the 2020’s” from Tech Evangelist, Kevin O’Donovan. CHARGE Energy Branding and the University of Iceland, School of Business has also invited researchers from around the world to submit abstracts for presentation at our 2019 1st annual symposium. Abstracts will be peer-reviewed and presented in the evening. Acceptance will be based on content and available space. These will be followed by a Networking Excursion outside Reykjavik for participants under the skies of the aurora borealis.