Photo credit: Institute Jožef Stefan

Beauty 2019, the 18th International Conference on B-Physics with the title ‘At Frontier Machines’, was organized by PCO Dekon.SI. As the first international professional organizer of congress activity in Slovenia, Dekon.SI was launched in 2017 by Dekon Group and is co-owned by GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. Beauty 2019 that Dekon.SI lead as the PCO organizer, was organized by University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, and the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI). JSI is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering a broad spectrum of basic and applied research, with the staff of more than 960 specializing in natural sciences, life sciences and engineering.

The conference presented the 18th edition in a series that started in Prague in 1993. The aim of the annual international conference Beauty is to review experimental and theoretical advances in heavy flavor physics. This year, more than 80 participants that gathered in GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, attended the scientific programme that covered a wide range of research through workshops, poster exhibition, lectures, and discussions.

Photo credit: GR, Jani Ugrin

Experts and lecturers in physics came from numerous countries from the globe from the USA to South Korea. The lectures highlighted the potential signals of processes beyond the Standard model of basic particle interaction, the so-called New Physics. Several contributions to the conference were presented by the staff of the Ljubljana’s Institute Jožef Stefan, department of Theoretical Physics. Highly acclamied were also the results of the international research groups Belle and Belle II whose members are also individuals from the Jožef Stefan’s Institute’s department of Experimental Particle Physics.

With this conference, the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre added another scientific meeting into its collection of 65 years of conferences, congresses, and seminars. The GR’s ability of hosting scientific events is significant as they provide knowledge acquisition and exchange of experience between the international and domestic experts. BEAUTY’s organizer notices also Ljubljana’s suitability for hosting high-level scientific conferences as it is supported by strong scientific potential generated by the Ljubljana University, which is sided by a host of research and scientific institutes including the Jožef Stefan Physics Institute.