An exclusive offer for ECM members

European Cities Marketing, the association for Tourist Boards, Convention Bureaux and City Marketing Organisations in Europe and ForwardKeys, the reference for global tourism and travel trends and intelligence, has just consolidated its 5-year-old partnership with an exclusive offer to ECM members.

Olivier Jager

CEO of ForwardKeys

“ForwardKeys is delighted to be in partnership with ECM as well as supporting ECM members with contributions in the continuation and expansion of the barometer quarterly report [ed. ECM-ForwardKeys Air Travellers’ Traffic Barometer: that analyses Europe as a destination regarding travel behaviour]. Together with ECM, we have sought innovative ways to continue developing and strengthening our relationship. These easy-to-use products provide an independent source of data, giving increased autonomy from biased sources, as well as objective insights. This helps destinations understand how well connected they are to various source markets, or whether there are enough airline seats to accommodate a major event.” said Olivier Jager, CEO of ForwardKeys.

With European Cities Marketing in mind, ForwardKeys has developed a compelling exclusive offer to serve ECM members. This offer presents two products designed to assist European cities with their marketing campaigns, route development and understanding of potential visitors to their destination. This is done with real-time, accurate flight capacity information, which suits the needs and budget of their destination.

About this new step in the ECM-ForwardKeys partnership, Petra Stušek, ECM President, says: “It is important that ECM continues to develop and make its knowledge partnerships evolve. Thanks to ForwardKeys, we are able to offer our members a way to go further in the analyses of the aviation market with Routes Report and Air Capacity Database. This initiative is a great opportunity to support ECM´s mission, which is to empower members to inspire, co-develop and promote a sustainable visitor economy for the city.”

The service provides an accurate, real-time global vision of available seat capacity to destinations and competing destinations (platform service) which is an excellent proxy to measure the flows and visitors to destinations. It allows destinations to better anticipate demand generated by legacy carriers as well as low cost airlines.

It is a complete tool that provides a very comprehensive and exhaustive source of capacity information, containing almost all commercial direct flights in the entire world.

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