Maribor Fairy City
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For the seventh year in a row, the city of Maribor hosts in its city centre a special city that the Maribor-Pohorje Tourist Board describes as »A city made of good will and imagination, where everyone is welcome, and nothing is impossible!« This place of joy, socializing, creativity and imagination is a Fairy City, one of Maribor’s enchanting December festivities. Fairy city is set within Maribor’s stretts, coutryards and squares. Thus, it is a real city inside the city.

Fairy city provides all the visitors, including the business and congress guests to Maribor, with stories and poetry, with songs, music, dance and movies, as well as with exhibitions, and performances. It is open and fully making the city and visitors happy until 28 December 2019.


Fairy City Maribor
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The Fairy Castle (Vilinski dvor) is a place of gatherings where the stories, creativity, music artistry, dance, playfulness and readings take visitors into the magicals worlds. On the Fairy Stage there are daily theatre performances, puppet shows, movies. The Fairy Reading Playroom is a world of fairy-tales, poetry where every night a spark of beauty enlightens hearts and ears. While the Art Room gives a space to magical creativity for everyone who wants to get intertwined in painting, designing, sewing, knitting and alike.


Lumina Maribor
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Brings endless lights and installations made by local and foreign artists that shine the city in a different light and shade. The streets get buzzing with excitement and bulbs!


Maribor Lumina Walk December
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Any visitor to Maribor can also join walks through magically decorated streets, or take a hike through secret passages, windy streets and vast squares discovering Maribor stories. What is hidden in the buildings? What can their walls tell you? The walks take through Lumina, to the Light workshop and all the way to the Fairy Castle.


Ana, the cool girl that is taking the streets of Maribor with jumping and acrobatic backflips. She is laughing loudly, but she is making the audience laughing even more. She also takes people’s breath away, while she is wildly running, happily screaming, questioning herself, but not getting into despair. The naughty Ana welcomes visitors to Maribor to come see her street performances that she is taking through the streets of the most magical city of all.