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A celebration of culture in Šibenik

Kino Odeon, one of the most popular cultural venues and a cult classic in the town of Šibenik, Croatia is receiving a makeover, dedicated to the biggest ambassador of Šibenik, Arsen Dedić.

Renovation has started on the famous hall of Kino Odeon, which has hosted numerous concerts, movie screenings, conferences and different shows. The renovated venue and its new stage will be named after Arsen Dedić, a Croatian singer-songwriter and an award-winning poet whose work in arts contributed greatly to the town of Šibenik and its inhabitants. Dedić is known as the patreon of Šibenik and someoe who embodied the spirit of this hidden jewel of Croatian tourism.

The goal of Kuća umjetnosti Arsen (The Arsen House of Art) is to become a local and regional hub, inviting a younger audience with a diverse and high-quality programme of events. The project represents a new era of cultural happenings in Šibenik. Throughout the decades, Dedić became one of the most respected musicians in former SFR Yugoslavia and the venue’s mission is to keep the memories of him alive.

The public institution will be operated by the Fortress of Culture Šibenik, the main initiator of the project and owned and financed by the City of Šibenik and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

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Venue capacities

In addition to the art/cultural events, the venue will also be suitable for all kinds of corporate meetings and private events. The main hall will have a modular floor, capable of adapting to the requirements of different events. The capacity of the hall is said to be around 150 participants in cabaret set-up and 300 for a standing reception.