It could be easily said that no other Belgrade’s municipality has such a rich history, filled with stories and legends as Dorcol. Each street, corner, house and building, are hide history and tell a special story which needs discovering. It is Dorcol’s diversity in such a small area that gives it specificity and cosmopolitan character.

The Name Dorcol originates from the Turkish word and means crossroad. Crossroad of today’s streets: Cara Dusana, Kralja Petra, regarding Dubrovacka. As North suburb, in middle ages, Dorcol was the main part of the town and very important trading bond between Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria and at the time Republic of Venice.


Dorćol Platz is the heart of Dorćol and Belgrade and an important cultural point of Serbia. The team behind Dorćol Platz have created a relaxed space with an open square, where they organize concerts, parties, show, exhibitions and lectures, as well as food festivals and art shows. Dorćol Platz offers a range of restaurants, clubs and even a brewery. It is a place where there is always something happening.

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