The most popular meeting destinations in bulgaria

Using our new search engine and Google Analytics, we checked which of Bulgaria’s meeting destinations received the most attention from Kongres Magazine readers. The absolute winner in our analysis and the most searched for was “The future incentive capital of the Balkans”.


The most beautiful things are sometimes invisible to the eye. Despite globalisation and constant connectedness, there are places that the international meeting scene has not yet discovered. And when we do discover them, our eyes sparkle and our heart are lifted. Velingrad is such a destination: well-known to Bulgarians but otherwise unheard of by almost everyone else in the immediate region.



One of the largest Black Sea ports has been vitally linked to the development of the city of Burgas and its free spirit. The port symbolises the openness and broad-mindedness that we can attribute to the city dwellers following our recent visit. It is precisely thanks to the port that the city has undergone several transformations and, surprisingly, the core of its latest one is the meetings industry. In fact, a beautiful multifunctional congress centre will be opened in the middle of the main pier in April 2020, which is part of the urbanistic renovation of the city. We are glad that this destination is pinning its hopes on events and meetings and, since it is not lacking in positive energy, we believe in the success of the project.


Varna is also one of the oldest European cities. Its long and turbulent past has left its mark on the city itself, where you can find remains dating back to all eras and blending with social realistic architecture. The result is an eclectic urbanism in which all paths converge in the Sea Garden maritime park and the sea-front esplanade, a sort of extended city centre. So, there are enough reasons why Varna has been an important convention destination for many years.


Love at second sight is how I would describe Sofia. Slowly but surely, it will get under your skin and you will become best friends. Bulgarian people have to do a lot with that, as they are incredibly hospitable, talkative and always ready to help. More than anything, they are good and kind-hearted people. Sofia has great meetings infrastructure, namely the NDK Congress Centre and the Inter Expo fairground, along with numerous hotels with conference capacities around the city. Sofia is a city full of history, where new constantly intertwines with the old. There are no significant iconic buildings in the city, but you will find plenty of special venues. Getting to these venues is easy, thanks to the super modern and punctual subway connecting all the main parts of the city. In our opinion, Sofia is a seriously overlooked destination that deserves more attention from international meeting planners.


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