Best known as a leading team building and corporate events company in Ireland. Dynamic Events, in partnership with Wildgoose Events UK, is proud to announce a series of three virtual, remote team-building experiences that can help businesses prepare for a leap into the unknown.

Over the past couple of weeks, Dynamic Events & Wildgoose has developed a new suite of products to support companies and their remote and isolated colleagues and teams, a move that responds to World Health Organisation concerns about employee wellness and mental health during the current crisis. The WHO has said staying connected and engaged with colleagues and networks is vital for mental health in stressful and worrying times.

Find out more about Wildgoose and their products here.

Dynamic Events is proud to have launched three pioneering virtual experiences that can help any business support remote and isolated colleagues and boost much-needed morale. These include:

The Daily Kick-Off – a creative self-led challenge that will set teams on the right track each morning by encouraging employees to shoot their own short motivational videos for one another.
● In the absence of work socials, The Team Quiz is a virtual pub quiz that enables teams to have a laugh and get competitive via video conferencing, keeping that feeling of unity firmly in place.
● With The Virtual Away Day, teams work together from home to answer questions and complete challenges, developing the same brilliant communication and collaboration skills that they would on a regular team building day.

Niall O’Connor, Company Director of Dynamic Events, said. “The events world and how we do business, in general, has been turned on its head in a very short space of time. No face-to-face meetings, no team gatherings, no socialising down the pub after a hard days work. As a business, all we can do is adapt to change and rethink how we do business and how we do events. Remote working and isolation are the new normal, so with this in mind, we are now offering new ways of team building at a time when they are most needed.”


“Understanding what motivates people to work as a team is a crucial element to a successful company.”

Dynamic Events are also working with Charities to help them rethink how large fundraising events can be moved online as well as working with consumer brands on how they can continue to engage their customers at home through fun and educational app technology.

Richard Phelan, Managing Director, said. “Understanding what motivates people to work as a team is a crucial element to a successful company. Camaraderie, connectivity, engagement, empathy and fun are key in keeping teams productive and enthusiastic, which can seem elusive, with many of our teams working from home at the moment. We have a solution with our Remote Team Building Series which can deliver all the elements needed to keep teams motivated and connected.”