On the very shore of the Skadar Lake, within the ring of the living waters, surrounded by luscious vegetation, a representative tourist complex Plavnica is located. The complex covers 20 hectares with the seven of them carefully landscaped, with numerous buildings and facilities cleverly intertwined, with their contents completing each other, attracting everybody with their beauty and elegance. The Plavnica Complex has an especially suitable communication location: it is in the immediate vicinity of the Podgorica – Petrovac thoroughfare, of the Belgrade – Bar railway line and the international Podgorica airport.

A special attraction in Plavnica is the imaginatively organized, unusual and totally original amphitheatre that is almost organically incorporated into the Lake ambience. Quite sensibly and architecturally lucidly it surrounds the glamorous swimming pool from the centre of which there rises out a musical stage upon which, the whole season through, night in and night out, prestigious musical and entertaining shows, concerts, fashion weekends and review programs are organized.


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