The most popular meeting destinations in serbia

Using our new search engine and Google Analytics, we checked which of Serbia’s meeting destinations received the most attention from Kongres Magazine readers. The absolute winner in our analysis and the most searched for was “A warm and always hospitable congress city”.



It is difficult to compare Belgrade with other central European capitals such as Vienna, Prague and Budapest. It has more in common with Athens, or even Berlin. This Balkan ‘Berlin’ is a city that constantly surprises with new corners, bars, hotels and other attractions. Belgrade is the only metropolis in the territory formerly known as Yugoslavia, and this fact, when combined with authentic Serbian friendliness and hospitality, makes an exceptional combination. Don’t expect shiny infrastructure and a clear historical perspective in Belgrade. A look behind the scenes isn’t altogether positive, fortunately, however, the city has a youthful, colourful and occasionally also Bohemian vibe. Therefore, congress guests will feel great in Belgrade.


Novi Sad maintains well its image of an advanced capital also with festi- vals such as Exit and others. Unfortunately, the tourism sector is lagging behind some of the most active destinations, especially the capital Belgrade, which is perfectly establishing itself as an important European congress destination. The question is why to organise a congress in the city, which is only 100 km away from the capital city of Serbia. The answer is in a different, perhaps more authentic atmosphere and hospitality, nu- merous possibilities of accompanying programmes genuine ‘salaš’, in short in the authenticity of the congress story of Novi Sad.



Subotica has a soul. It is a city where it seems that time has stopped. The proud town centre merges almost imperceptibly into the surrounding melancholy plains. Economically and culturally Subotica is one of the most developed cities in Serbia. Congress guests will be impressed by the multicultural spirit and European charm, which is reflected in a large number of special venues in a small area. Well-developed albeit not connected is the offer of various incentive programmes. Subotica has a functioning Congress bureau, the hotel facilities are good and the culinary tradition is an extra plus. All of this represents an exciting congress package calling out for more penetrating international or at least regional marketing to exploit the full potential of the city. We see this especially in the development of incentive programmes and smaller professional meetings and conferences taking advantage of the scientific and cultural potential of the city. To top it all off, Subotica offers a lot of music for little money.



In comparison to similar destinations, Zlatibor has the advantage of having a well-developed tourism infrastructure. Meeting guests are rarely bored during their stay and this holds true for all seasons. The city centre is a city in itself and, together with the diverse choice of restaurants and tourist offer, enables various experiences. To make it onto the international scene the key would be better road accessibility, which is soon to be realised. Until the completion of the road connection, Zlatibor’s meeting events will remain mostly local. Such events should be followed by a better local organisation and systematic work when it comes to qualified personnel. Zlatibor is undoubtedly a destination with huge potential for development.


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