Nestled along the mountain stream, sits the hotel with the longest-running tradition in Bohinj: Sunrose 7. Built-in 1890, this independently-owned and operated Boutique-hideaway bore witness to the construction of Europe’s largest railway system; a lifeline connection between Vienna and Venice which tunnels through the neighbouring mountainside.

Now, more than a century later, you can still bask in the incredible views of this exquisite location. Indulge yourself with local flavours and royal treatments as you experience a total digital detox. Invigorate your spirit as you sip hand-crafted coffee, bank side, beneath our 125-year-old Chestnut grove. Exploring the nearby alpine meadows, hikers will find themselves surrounded by one of the oldest, and most beautiful, botanical gardens in the world. For the more adventurous, pressing further on along the mountain ridge takes you to the famous valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes. The heart of Triglav National Park is revealed; Triglav Mountain, Slovenia’s 2,864 meter-high crowning jewel.



In 1890 Janez Markeš, a successful businessman and local wood merchant, who also owns a mill and the first electric plant, builds and opens the Hotel. The hotel flourishes and when the Bohinj Railroad Tunnel is finally opened, even members of the Royal Family pay a visit to the renowned hotel.

Following WW2, the hotel is renamed as “Gostilna Črna Prst”, for the prominent mountain under which it nestles. The hotel remains almost abandoned until in 2019, after only 9 months and 9 days, the operating permit is issued and Sunrose 7 Heritage Boutique Hotel begins operation.



Bohinj is an authentic meeting destination offering an abundance of diverse experiences in a green-certified destination. Did you know Slovenia is one of the most water-rich countries in Europe? Lake Bohinj area is perfect for corporate meetings, incentive programs and other business events of all shapes and sizes up to 500 participants.

The Heritage Villa Sunrose 7 is most suitable for business meetings, seminars and incentives for 18 participants in single rooms or up to a maximum of 36 (double occupancy). The private riverside estate with lush garden offers privacy and is perfect for outdoor meetings, activities as well as riverside dining.

For bigger events, event organisers can also choose Bohinj ECO Hotel, which can easily host up to 200 participants. The hotel has 10 meeting venues equipped with the latest conference technologies and fitted with large windows that show off the charm of the surrounding alpine scenery and allow in natural light for catered events.



Sunrose 7 – Heritage Boutique Hotel
Triglavska Cesta 7
4264 Bohinjska Bistrica

T: +386 (0)41 77 77 78