Agencija Promo, a Slovenian based business event agency, has recently stepped into its third decade. To commemorate the occasion, they created a short movie 30 years of events in 90 seconds, highlighting their many accomplishments and gave their website a makeover.

The start of Agencija Promo dates back to 1990. They introduced themselves as specialists for trade promotion and later delved into the tourist offer with incentive tours and team building programs. Their speciality has always been discovering new dimensions of sales promotion for their clients. Agencija Promo was among the first in Slovenia to organize sales conferences and events on a ship, in underground caves, castles, wine cellars, gyms, under tents or the blue sky… and at the same time delight the attendees with the peculiarities and experiences of the natural, cultural and social heritage they would likely not discover on their own.

Agencija Promo

Some of the events from under their fingertips that we still remember today are Slovenian statehood days, US President Clinton’s visit to Ljubljana, Sky Divers with Branko Potočan, wine presentations and awards of winemaker Silvo Črnko, Slovenia’s accession to the European Union in Nova Gorica, making it snow at the coastal Bernardin for the Elan ski launch, celebrating the 60th and 70th anniversary of Elan, 130 years of Paloma, 140 years of JUB, SKB Bank business meetings, medicine launches and employee gatherings for pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline, Krka, MSD, Roche, incentive programs for Petrol, the yearly Fotona conferences with mesmerising stories…

Agencija Promo - Statehood Day
Agencija Promo - Eurobasket

Agencija Promo exclusively represents Slovenia as a partner of the European Agency 27Names. In cooperation with various European colleagues, they organize top-notch events throughout Europe. They say that their tight bonds, regular meet-ups and international projects are a rich source of knowledge, experience and inspiration. These are the starting points of Promo’s view and thoughts about the future as they develop fresh ideas and solutions in the field of business events, which also include OnLive events with a dramaturgical story.

Agencija Promo - MSD
Agencija Promo - Fotona