Sandi Kovačevič

In the series of Slice of Life interviews, we are trying to get a look behind the business side of our business partners and well-known industry names. We explore what makes them tick and what occupies their day and thoughts when they are not at work. Keep on reading for a glimpse of Sandi Kovačevič in his spare time.

Q: What gets you going in the morning?

A million different things drive me in life. When I was much younger, I had an accident and since than I promised myself, I won’t stress over the things I have no influence on.

What also drives me is creating something new.

Q: What is a personal project you are currently working on or wish you were?

I have to lose a few kilos that I put on after I quit smoking. To stop smoking was my project for the last couple of years and now I finally achieved this goal.

Q: How do you spend a normal weekend?

Riding horses. It is a way of life and I try to spend as much time with them as posible, so my weekends are reserved for the other part of the family.

Q: What are your hobbies/what do you do for fun?


Sandi Kovačevič

Q: What is your philosophy in life?

Do not worry yourself about the things you cannot influence. Have a goal in life and if you know how to dream, dream big, materialize your wishes in your head and they are bound to happen.

Q: What do you count as your biggest non-work related achievement?

I can’t single out one biggest achievement, I would rather say it’s the things that have changed my life in different periods, but more or less everything is kind of connected to work, since this is my hobby as well. One of the recent achievements was marring the best lady in the world, and before that wining a Grand Prix competition in show jumping (with horses), while always having amazing people around me…

Q: How are you known among your friends?

You would have to ask them :)

Q: What is your absolutely favorite place in Slovenia that you love to visit and why?

Kostanjevica at Krka, the source of Soča river, Bela Krajina and Portorož, because of the great Kempinski property. I absolutely love hotels. Especially great ones. Slovenia truly is an amazing country with so many beautiful places I couldn’t pick just one. I’ve travelled all over the world and it is for sure my favourite country.

Q: What kind of conference would you like to attend if you could choose?

I am a big fan of conferences of the future (that don’t involve not meeting in person) and conferences about innovative conference technology. Also an innovative gastronomic conference with food workshops and presentations. I believe mingling and socializing at such events is very important, but even more important, it is fun! I also prefer it when I can make a trip out of it when the conference is not in Ljubljana – as I said, I simply love staying in hotels.

Q: What is your best source of information?

The Internet. And news applications – local and international. It’s the quickest and easiest way to fresh information.

Q: What is the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

That we have the smartest virus in the world, our virus knows exactly when our country does not have any more money for corona measures.

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