Alena Spisiakova

In the series of Slice of Life interviews, we are trying to get a look behind the business side of our business partners and well-known industry names. We explore what makes them tick and what occupies their day and thoughts when they are not at work. Keep on reading for a glimpse of Alena Spisiakova in her spare time.

Q: What gets you going in the morning?

Honestly speaking, I am definitely not a morning person. If you’ve ever heard of those people who love to stay in bed for extra ten minutes only to find themselves driving twice the speed limit to work (metaphorically speaking, of course :)), I am one of those. Other than on my morning drive, if my schedule allows, I enjoy fresh air jogging along the coast.  On a slow weekend morning, a cup of matcha tea or coffee on my balcony is an appropriate start to my day.

Q: What is a personal project you are currently working on or wish you were?

My personal project is to keep on building on what the current situation taught us – that health is the most precious asset and we need to take care of ourselves first. So, putting health higher up on the list of priorities is my project. That includes more sport, meditation, healthy eating habits and also a cold shower challenge. We are right at the sea, so I figured why not :)

Q: How do you spend a normal weekend?

I have a huge desire to explore. Exploring the area, visiting new places, and learning new tastes of the great food of Istria has been filling my free time.

A small portion of “dolce far niente” is also welcomed into my weekends.

Q: What are your hobbies/what do you do for fun?

As I mentioned, I like to go outdoors, discover new things, see new places. It may sound like a cliché, but really any kind of travel out to nature is perfect for me. I love photography and these two hobbies are easily combined. Spending time with friends over some good food is to my taste. Since I come from the High Tatras mountains in Slovakia, I do enjoy hiking and alpine skiing. Yoga helps me to clear my head.

Q: What do you count as your biggest non-work related achievement?

It is important for a person to be proud of their own achievements, not only seek approval from others. To me, it’s just the simple fact that I was able to move abroad and live in multiple countries for several years. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I was always after learning new lifestyles and cultures, which has taught me a great deal of tolerance, also diplomacy, and has widened my horizons. I would consider this my personal achievement.

Q: How are you known among your friends?

I’ve been told I come across as easy-going, level-headed, and generally nice. Of course, a bit of stubbornness only enhances that mix :) I guess what matters though, is that you always try to be a good friend.

Q: What is your absolutely favorite place in Slovenia that you love to visit and why?

I fell in love with our Portorož and the coast. It may seem too simple, but whether you go to our park or the beach, your happiness grows with each ray of sunshine or blow of sea breeze. I love watching the reflections and boats on the water, people strolling along the promenade all the way to beautiful Piran. There is something calming and vacation-like about this place. One of my goals is to get to know the rest of Slovenia as it has so much to offer and loads of amazing beauty on a relatively small footprint.

Q: What kind of conference would you like to attend if you could choose?

I would be very much delighted if anyone invited me to a conference at the Kempinski Palace Portorož :)

But of course, it is the trade shows where we meet our clients and partners. These occasions will now be very special to all of us in the industry and I hope we will be able to enjoy personal encounters very soon.

Q: What is your best source of information?

Nowadays, I think it is more important to be able to filter information. We are daily flooded with information and we have to select what’s relevant. Personal recommendations and first-hand experiences are the most valuable and the findings of my team and colleagues are what I rely on. Otherwise, we are very lucky to be part of Kempinski hotels. Our corporate office but also other colleagues from different hotels are the best source of intel on what is happening in the industry.

Q: What is the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

The SpaceX launch – it proves that when you have a dream and commitment, nothing is impossible.

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