Janette Skorc

In the series of Slice of Life interviews, we are trying to get a look behind the business side of our business partners and well-known industry names. We explore what makes them tick and what occupies their day and thoughts when they are not at work. Keep on reading for a glimpse of Janette Škorc in her spare time.

Q: What gets you going in the morning?

My mornings begin in a very relaxed way. Healthy breakfast, a big cup of coffee and a huge smile on my face fills me up with energy and gets me going every morning.

No day with a smile on your face can go wrong :)

Q: What is a personal project you are currently working on or wish you were?

Self-care is my priority and my daily project. Working-out, taking long walks in nature, reading books and meditating are just a few of the things that are on my weekly agenda.

I used to ask myself how can I reach balance in my life? Well, now is a great opportunity for me to find it and learn how to maintain it when things get back to normal.

Q: How do you spend a normal weekend?

Living in a house gives me lots of opportunities to make the most of the weekend. We are blessed with a good climate and high temperatures in this period so spending quality time outside during the weekend is my favourite.

Grilling outside with a glass of good Slovenian wine is a must :)

Q: What are your hobbies/what do you do for fun?

I can surely say that nature has become my best friend. I love taking long walks in nature with my dog, where you can only hear birds singing.

Q: What do you count as your biggest non-work related achievement?

Some people say that you “make your own luck” but I say that having the right mindset with a piece of luck, can create a meaningful life. This is what I would call my non-work-related achievement that has helped me overcome my fears and challenges in the past and will make me reach my goals in the future.

Q: How are you known among your friends?

I believe my friends know me as being honest, reliable, always on-time, straight-forward, hard-working, sometimes stubborn, optimistic, a good organiser and listener.

Janette Skorc

Q: What is your absolutely favorite place in Slovenia that you love to visit and why?

Living in such a diverse destination as Slovenia, we are blessed to be able to visit so many different places and enjoy nature at every step. The best thing, in my opinion, is the size of our country which enables us to travel from one side to another in just a couple of hours. Imagine – first half of the day you could climb the highest mountain while in the second half of the day you could already enjoy a good glass of wine by the sea :) Isn’t that great?

Since I’m living in the North-Eastern part of the country, I would often visit Prekmurje or Logarska Valley where I can reach a peaceful state of mind for sure.

Q: What kind of conference would you like to attend if you could choose?

I’ve always been more interested in conferences that had an accompanying incentive programme which enabled us, participants, to get to know each other more and make new friendships.

I believe making friendships is crucial and it helps develop future cooperation much easier.

Q: What is your best source of information?

Working in a large international chain enables me to stay connected with other colleagues from around the world, exchange knowledge and best practices with them. Social media such as LinkedIn plays a very important role in our daily life. Not only being part of it but also being an active member where I can be connected with all my colleagues from the InterContinental Hotel Group as well as business partners. Participating at round tables, webinars, reading magazines related to the hospitality industry, makes me stay up to date with all trends that are happening in the world.

Q: What is the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

I just finished reading the book “Who says you can’t? You do” by Daniel Chidiac, which I would recommend to everyone. I love reading books that make me think of how I can do things differently in the future to make my life easier. Let me share one piece of advice from the book with you that hopefully will make you think as well: “Dreaming is not enough. You have to go a step further and use your imagination to visualize, with intent! Forget everything you’ve been taught and believe it will happen, just as you imagined it.”