»75 years of Europe’s Collective Security and Human Rights System«

On 1 July 2020 International Institute for the Middle East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) organizes together with partners international conference entitled »75 years of Europe’s Collective Security and Human Rights System« in Vienna. Co-organizers of the event are Modern Diplomacy (news platform based in EU, www.moderndiplomacy.eu), Vienna School of International Studies (the oldest diplomatic school in the world (www.da-vienna.ac.at/) and Culture for Peace, platform for art, culture and science based in Vienna (www.upf-cultureforpeace.org) and international scientific journal European Perspectives (www.europeanperspectives.org).

On behalf of the organizers, the conference will be opened by Dr. Emil Brix, director of the Vienna School of International Studies (DAW) and Dr. Ernest Petrič, former President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia and Vice-President of the IFIMES Advisory Board. The participants will be addressed by Dr. Heinz Fischer, former President of the Republic of Austria, Ban Ki-moon Centre, and Ghada Fathi Waly, Director General, UN Headquarters in Vienna.

The first panel is entitled“The WWII legacy – Nurnberg and Tokyo trials as a direct inspiration for the Universal and European Human Rights Charter, Antifascism as the European confidence building block, mutual trust and good neighborly relations”.

The second Panel is entitled“Europe: From Culture for Peace to Culture of Peace – culture, science, arts” and it’s dedicated to the role of culture, science and arts in modern society. The third Panel is entitled “Future to Europe: Is there any alternative to universal and pan-European Multilateralism?; revisiting and recalibrating the Euro-MED and cross-continental affairs”.


Among twenty panellists from Australia to North America are:

Former Austrian Federal President and now co-president of Ban Ki-Moon Centre; Vice-President, EU Commission; former Canada’s Minister and OECD Secretary-General; President of European Alpbach Forum, former EU Commissioner; former OSCE Secretary-General, High Commissioner on National Minorities; renowned expert from Austria on Human Rights; Director of IAEA; Chief Editor of Washington Note – an influential magazine, which monitors decision-making mechanisms in American centres of power; Secretary General, Union for the Mediterranean based in Barcelona and may others also from the international institutions based in Vienna and around the world.

IFIMES and its co-organizers have been joined by numerous universities from Europe, Asia, Africa and America, while the media partners are four renowned European diplomatic magazines and partners from Asia.

The international conference in Vienna will be followed by another conference on the 75th anniversary of the signing of the San Francisco Declaration on the Establishment of the UN. This conference will be held at the end of September 2020 in Geneva.