The Aura Distillery produces exclusive traditional products such as brandies, jams, and other traditional products made of wild herbs and wild fruits picked in an ecologically clean environment on the slopes of the Ćićarija mountain far from roads and inhabited settlements.

The products can be found in wine shops across Croatia, in delicacy stores, renowned hotels, top restaurants, and airports. They also have their own shops in the Istrian Hum, the smallest town in the world, Buzet, the town of truffles, and in Novigrad. The products have been recognised on the market as a top brand into which a lot of work and an immense amount of love was invested.


In the Aura distillery, which extends at more than 600 m2 of the unique interior, you can see the brandy and jam production process. Visitors can see and experience the entire production process – from fruit fermentation, distillation in a handmade copper cauldron to filling, labeling, and packaging. The tasting rooms are appropriate for smaller groups and make for a great space for exploring the local delicacies.



Aura Distillery
2. Istarske brigade 2/1
52420 Buzet, Croatia

T: 0912694253