A unique congress attracting 900 prominent participants in the field of data science

Thanks to the active commitment of Salzburg Convention Bureau, the city of Salzburg was selected to stage this key event, despite strong competition from several other destinations.

The International Data Week is a specialist congress attracting 900 prominent participants in the field of data science. It is to be held in Europe for the first time in October 2023.

Gernot Marx

Managing Director at Salzburg Convention Bureau

“The decisive factors leading to the choice of Salzburg as the venue for the International Data Week 2023 were the expertise offered across the range of services and infrastructure for congresses, an attractive location and, most importantly, the focus on the right thematic priorities”, explains Gernot Marx, Managing Director at Salzburg Convention Bureau.

First time in Europe

When the International Data Week comes to Salzburg in 2023 it will be the first time this specialist congress has been held in Europe, having been staged in Denver in the USA in 2016, and in Botswana in 2018. “Salzburg’s central location at the heart of Europe makes it an ideal venue for such a top-ranking international event,” enthuses Gernot Marx, Managing Director at Salzburg Convention Bureau.


Immense economic knock-on benefits

Major meetings and congresses play a key role in the economic life of the province of Salzburg. Industry and business-sector congresses are particularly fruitful sources of profit generation. Congress participants are said to generate more knock-on turnover than any other types of guests, and are known to spend up to an average of € 540 per person – per day.

The event specialists at Salzburg Convention Bureau and Salzburg Congress cooperated closely with scientists at the University of Salzburg. Hilary Hanahoe of the International Data Week team outlined what won them over: “Salzburg convinced us with a complete package. What made this bid so special was the very sound and well-substantiated plan compiled by the congress specialists and scientists from the local university here.”

Salzburg from a scientific perspective

The International Data Week brings together the world’s leading scientists, business people and data experts, thus ensuring international attention for Salzburg as a university town. Professor Dr. Arne Bathke, dean of the faculty of natural sciences at the University of Salzburg, states: “We expect the event to have a lasting influence on Salzburg’s image within the field of data science, and create benefits for the area as an economic base. After all, over the past few years, the practical and insightful use of data has increasingly become a decisive competitive factor.” In 2016 the University of Salzburg adopted a pioneering role by introducing the first data science master’s degree course in Austria.

Bidding procedure lasted several years

The entire process for the bid was coordinated by Salzburg Convention Bureau and took several years. Initial contact with a representative of the International Data Week came about in Paris in the autumn of 2016, as Salzburg Convention Bureau and Salzburg Congress were hosting an event to mark the opening of a Salzburg Museum exhibition: ‘Geste Baroque’ in the Louvre.