The Kanli Fortress is situated in the north part of the old town in Herceg Novi. With its size and position, the tower dominates over the town (the height is 85 meters above the sea level). Kanli kula in fact used to be a complex fortification system. Kanli kula was mentioned for the first time in XVII century. The final shape the tower got during the time of Turkish reign while the Venetians, immediately after taking over Herceg Novi, made some remodelling. Today Kanli kula serves as a summer stage and a unique venue for events.

Photo Credit: In Your Pocket/Miloš Samardzić


They say that so far on the walls of the casemates many pictures can be seen, silently telling horror stories of prisoners of the castle. For example, the Turkish galleys in these images have been widely used in the XVI-XVII centuries, which suggests that the fort was used as a prison almost immediately after it was built on the conquered territory. Whether it’s true or not we do not know, but one thing is for sure – the fortress is today one of the most beautiful outdoor venues in Montenegro.


Kanli Kula Fortress
Bokeške Brigade bb
Herceg Novi, Montenegro