Drvengrad is a story all of its own just because of its charismatic founder Emir Kusturica. The film director’s village in Mečavnik was built for the needs of a movie called “Life is a Miracle” in 2004. The wooden village is a mix of modern Western-style and traditional Serbian, where the traveller can either take part in sports or simply take a break and stay overnight. The village has a restaurant, a library, a gallery, a cinema and most importantly, the charisma and brilliance of the director himself. The events, organised here, can be enhanced by boarding the museum train, which runs through the bridges and tunnels of the “Šarganska osmica” line.


Drvengrad is a town of dreams, a town which has turned an image of utopia into reality. Its cultural scene is like no other, with one festival after another, just like the seasons. The first of these was ‘Kustendorf’, a film and music festival, where young filmmakers compete and the most eminent actors from the film world visit. No less important is the ‘Bolshoi’ Music Festival, where young performers of classical music from Serbia and Russia are given the chance to make their mark and develop along with other musicians from all over the world. The cultural life of Mećavnik is enriched yet further with the Autumn Theatre Festival and the Writers’ Festival in May. It is undoubtedly a unique venue and offers a film-like scenery for events.


Mokra Gora, Serbia

T: +381 31 800 686