Photo Credit: China National Convention Center

Providing First-Class“China Service” with High Standards

The 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) was successfully held in Beijing from September 4th to 9th. The CIFTIS 2020 covered comprehensive exhibition, a special area for countries and provinces exhibition, and eight major thematic exhibition areas including cultural services, financial services, winter sports, tourism services, service robots, education services, sports services, and 5G communication services. The CIFTIS 2020 attracted a total of 5,926 domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations to exhibit on-site and online, and 190 forums and business talks were held during the same period. The total exhibition area exceeded 100,000㎡, including the indoor exhibition halls of the China National Convention Center (CNCC) with an area of 33,000㎡ and the temporary outdoor venue with an area of 70,000㎡.

Many enterprises under North Star Group participated in the service support for the CIFTIS 2020, in which the China National Convention Center not only provided service support to the main venue and accommodations but also for the first time undertook the overall support task of 30 temporary outdoor exhibition halls with a total area of 70,000㎡. The support team provided an efficient “China Service” with high standards.

Adhering to the high standards and providing warm service

During the whole process, the support team paid attention to every detail to ensure the best quality of service. The China National Convention Center provided service to more than 130 on-site events. Besides, the catering services for the event were inspired by Chinese culture and carefully crafted by the China National Convention Center.

In terms of pandemic disease prevention and control, the China National Convention Center was fully engaged: the public areas were sterilized every two hours; inspections of fresh air and return air systems were strengthened; all foods served were traceable; the exhibition halls were provided with disposable hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, masks, and other anti-pandemic disease materials; all service personnel took the nucleic acid test; the flow of dining areas were scientifically designed and safe distance was maintained.

Photo Credit: China National Convention Center

Innovative and intelligent venue

The CIFTIS 2020 is the first national-level large hybrid event under the background of normalization of pandemic disease prevention and control. To meet the demand for network usage, the support team of North Star Group continuously improved network infrastructure. China National Convention Center actively carries out cross-border cooperation and successfully held the “Hybrid Event Service Innovation Forum” during the CIFTIS. On September 8th, the launch of creative dining of China National Convention Center was released at the New Achievements Launch Event of the CIFTIS, and the number of online viewers of the official CIFTIS app reached 79,000.

The success of the CIFTIS 2020 has contributed valuable experience for the reopening of the global MICE industry. As the representative of the “national team” to support high-end state activities, North Star Group has provided the first-class “China Service” for CIFTIS with the best performance, highest standard and highest level, and successfully set up a model for hosting exhibitions amid pandemic disease prevention and control.

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