Photo Credit: Prague Convention Bureau

The honey of the bee colonies from the roof of the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague was awarded the gold medal in the 2020 Czech Honey competition of the Bee Research Institute. Products of the beekeepers from the Czech Republic are assessed according to their quality on the basis of chemical analysis conducted in a laboratory, but also according to the aesthetics of the entire package.

Honey is a natural product of the honey bee, which was once a privilege of kings; today, however, practically anyone can afford it. Honey increases the body’s natural resistance, has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, nourishes the heart, strengthens the nervous system, and improves sleep and memory. Not for nothing, people say: A jar of honey – half a pharmacy at home.

Photo Credit: Clarion Hotel Prague

Bees on the roof of the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague have been making the hotel team and guests happy since 2016. High-quality honey with the predominance of maple and chestnut, acacia and linden are extracted thank to the flowering plants in the vicinity of the hotel. This year, the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague sent this bee product to the Czech Honey 2020 competition, organized by the Bee Research Institute at Dol. The result is delightful: the honey won an excellent evaluation as well as the gold medal!