Photo Credit: ICCA

The ICCA global network came together once again for the ICCA Congress Broadcast on 22 October, a month after the launch event for this year’s ICCA Congress and the engagement and content have been truly spectacular during that time.

Hybrid event

ICCA took the decision back in March to stage this year’s event in hybrid-format and saw it as a rare chance to extend the life of the Congress. The last three weeks have been a great time for ICCA members to connect and reconnect, and be part of the incredible knowledge exchange across our Storytelling week, Crowd-sourced topic week and of course the Kaohsiung Protocol strategy week – each designed to provide great content to all sectors and all regions.

It is part of ICCA’s strategic plan to create and deliver a world-class Congress each year for its members and this year, more than ever has been a year when we had to be brave and take risks in the knowledge that the congress could not be business as usual.

ICCA CEO, Senthil Gopinath: “This year’s ICCA Congress is a platform which showcases member engagement, adaptability, networking and more importantly the need to understand the future of the association meetings industry. The Congress is a perfect opportunity to enhance communication and collaboration amongst the ICCA community.”

Photo Credit: ICCA

The Congres ICCA’s most unconventional event ever, with a programme containing some of the best, world-leading speakers and educational content in ICCA Congress history. This record-breaking Congress will deliver 85 live hours of content, 100 sessions with over 15 hours on-demand, from 180 speakers, and all of this will be broadcast from Kaohsiung and our 8 global hubs to our delegates across the world. ICCA is delighted to confirm that delegate numbers have now exceeded 1,000 with over 150 international association executives and this number is rising daily.

Session highlights include “The Powerful Future of Events” with Bob Bejan from Microsoft and Salman Khan, Founder of the Khan Academy – plus a wonderful speaker – Yu-kai Chou – for the President’s Choice session where we will learn about gamification and motivation. Clearly, this is an ICCA Congress none of can afford to miss.