Photo Credit: Choros Concept

It has been long known that the VEGA Observatory on Haunsberg – not far from the city of Salzburg – is a unique event location. But with Covid-19, event planners are not only faced with the challenge of finding the most unique location possible for the next event but now the focus in decision-making is even more on the topic of event technology – because: in times of Covid-19, when events mainly take place hybrid or even 100% virtual, event locations should primarily meet (some) technical requirements.

The perfect studio for streaming & hybrid events

A stable internet connection is a be-all and end-all for hybrid and virtual events. After all, who doesn’t know how annoying it is when the presenter in the webinar can only be understood in fragments? Don’t worry, that doesn’t happen in the VEGA Observatory. Why? The VEGA Observatory serves as a radio relay location for a regional internet provider.

This guarantees a stable, scalable bandwidth for streaming. The on-site AV technology includes everything your heart desires: the event hall is equipped with a media server that has 4 videos, 12 audio and 12 DMX outputs. The technology built into the in-house control room enables the transmission of live streams with up to 4 cameras. The heart of the AV technology is the 8 x 4.5 m screen, which hovers around 110 cm above the floor and is played with three 4K enhancement projectors. Thanks to the pre-installed suspensions, this screen can also be extended from a wide screen to a 360-degree display.

Photo Credit: Salzburg CVB

Live stream from space

The VEGA Observatory sets new standards with its multifunctional rooms and technical equipment. Not to be forgotten is the unique possibility of transmitting LIVE images of space from the telescope to the large screen in the event hall – a feature that will inspire the participants of your virtual and hybrid events at home on the screens and will certainly attract attention!

Photo Credit: Choros Concept

Content from space

With all the technology, one thing remains the emotionalization of the participants. There is hardly any content at an event that does not have a counterpart in the universe. Examples that have already been implemented are digitization, the capital market or the product heat. Pulsars are the clock of the universe. The sound of the pulsars delighted all managers of an IT company in a lecture. The comparison of the mathematical predictability of the capital market with the universe was enjoyed with relish in a panel discussion including astronomers and that fire is the origin of astronomy was the basis of a storyboard for an incredibly successful product presentation by the local company Windhager central heating. You can live out all of this with your content in the VEGA observatory – as a hybrid or streaming event!

Check out the location in advance with a virtual tour through the VEGA Observatory.


VEGA Observatory
Hochberg 3 – 5110
Nußdorf am Haunsberg, Austria

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