Photo Credit: Hopin

Hopin is excited to welcome video hosting service Streamable and video technology company Jamm to the Hopin family. Earlier this month, announcing Series C, Hoppin mentioned the future of Hopin as a multi-product company motivated by a vision to create a world of better-shared experiences. That includes events—but also the various other ways in which people will come together, make connections, and form communities in the years ahead.

The acquisition of Streamable and Jamm—two of the most forward-thinking teams in the video technology space—is the down payment on that future.

Over the last half-decade, Streamable, led by Armen Petrosian, has built a devoted customer base for its service that makes it easy to host, edit, and share videos. Meanwhile, Jamm, headed by Badri Rajasekar, has been at the forefront of creating products that make video collaboration more human.

With these acquisitions, Hopin will integrate Streamable and Jamm technology into their current product offering—making for a more robust experience for event managers and attendees. But they will also enable them to build the products that will shape the future of shared experiences. Taken with the acquisition of StreamYard earlier this year, these moves reflect Hopin’s intention to be at the leading edge of video innovation in the years ahead.

Photo Credit: Hopin

Over the last year, Hopin has brought millions of people together through the virtual event platform that emphasizes human connection via video. With new video creation and curation capabilities, event managers will be able to expand the reach and impact of their events—including hybrid events.

Shared experiences extend beyond events

Going forward, video content will be core to fostering online and hybrid communities. If events are moments in time, communities will be everything in between. With Streamable and Jamm, Hopin intends to build the products that will enable brands to evolve periodic events into lasting engagement via video-powered communities.

Key to that engagement will be video communication that is more human and spontaneous. By far, the feature of Hopin’s event product that people love most is one-on-one networking—the ability to have a conversation with a fellow attendee over video, in a way that mimics the serendipity of how people meet in real life. One of Hopin’s aims is to take insights from their own product—and use the technology and resources of Streamable and Jamm—to create new ways for people to engage naturally, even when we can’t be in the same physical location as our team and peers.

There’s a lot more to this vision, which we will share in due time. But what Hopin is building for is a future in which events are only one part of an ecosystem of connection, which comes to life in online and hybrid contexts. With the impressive work Streamable and Jamm have already contributed—and with the partnership of Armen, Badri, and the Streamable and Jamm teams—Hopin will be able to pull that ambitious future of shared experiences forward.

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