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The magnificent Sponza Palace, located in the very centre of Dubrovnik Old Town is one of Dubrovnik’s most famous buildings that is ideal for a variety of event functions in Dubrovnik. The construction of the Sponza Palace started in 1516. The Sponza was built in a mixture of late Gothic and Renaissance styles. In the past, the Palace served a variety of public functions such as a customs house, a trading place for businessmen of the Dubrovnik Republic, treasury and bank. Today, the Sponza Palace is still a multifunctional space, it is home to the city archives, a gallery space for changing art exhibitions, the opening venue of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival as well as a popular venue for exclusive gala dinner events and meetings.

Due to the Palace’s impressive outdoor and indoor appearance visitors are bound to feel very privileged to have the pleasure of dining in this truly stunning Palace in the very centre of Dubrovnik Old Town. Inside the Palace, guests can enjoy their welcome drinks listening to the sounds of Renaissance performers with plenty of photo opportunities so they can capture their wonderful dinner experience in Dubrovnik. An exquisitely catered gala dinner will then be served, accompanied by a wide range of available entertainment options as well as lighting effects to create a special atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Canva Pro/Pexels


Sponza Palace Dubrovnik
Stradun 2
Dubrovnik, Croatia

+385 20 321 031
W: https://dkdmc.com/venue-of-the-week-sponza-palace-in-dubrovnik/

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