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Italian Exhibition Group revs up with a view to the 58th edition of TTG Travel Experience, 39th of SUN Beach&Outdoor Style and 70th of SIA Hospitality Design: the three expos will once more be held live from October 13th to 15th at Rimini expo centre (Italy).

TTG, SIA and SUN 2021, it’s time get confidence on the road. ”Be Confident” is the topic linking the three Italian Exhibition Group expos being held live at the Rimini expo centre (Italy)from 13th to 15th October. The most important Italian tourism marketplace, which brings together products, market, and services from incoming to seaside tourism, passing through furnishings and fittings for the hotel industry, launches a message of hope to hospitality, intermediation and service enterprises and, obviously, to travellers: “Be confident”.

With the 58th edition of TTG Travel Experience, the 39th SUN Beach&Outdoor Style and the 70th birthday of SIA Hospitality Design, things are moving towards a new world, with supportive bonds interwoven between people, companies and clients. At TTG, SIA and SUN 2021 confidence will unfurl by means of 8 thematic arenas, over 200 events and more than 300 speakers who will contribute to the exchange of supply and demand for safety and wellness, which are currently the main currency of the travel and hospitality industry. In 2021, people will travel to be looked after. A decisive role will be played by the ability to listen to and respond to travellers’ need for empathy.

Photo Credit: IEG

TTG Travel Experience is sharing these topics with the market, thanks to the support of the institutions and trade associations. Throughout Rimini expo centre’s halls, the utmost attention will be focussed on the domestic market, with a catalogue of ideas ranging from the new expanded edition of Book&Go, in which travel writers inspire travel agents and tour operator in their creation of tourist products, to Beactive which, as wells as active and sports tourism, will cover the slow and naturalistic aspects that make tourist destinations a common asset, Eatxperience will show how Italy is studded with hospitality facilities with top-grade food service, wine bars and cellars, food museums, cooking schools, wine and food routes that are the edible features of the culture of small towns, spiritual walks, routes that, together, represent the great experience clusters which play the role of thematic links of the Italia Area. TTG 2021 will be completed by The World area, dedicated to foreign destinations, and Global Village, dedicated to tour operators and the service distribution network, as well as start-ups and innovative enterprises in the TTG Next format.

SIA Hospitality Design is returning in its full formula of an exhibition space for settings, furnishings and fittings from the leading design companies for the hotel hospitality. For its 70th birthday edition, there will be new clusters: sustainable mobility, luxury, technology and services for the non-hotel and outdoor sector. The Outdoor Focus will be dedicated precisely to open-air life, featuring a large en plein air experience-based space with furnishing and décor products, pergolas, verandas, outdoor curtains and canopies. Two exhibitions will strengthen the bond with the most innovative names on the Italian interior architecture scenario. The Mostra Rooms (Rooms Exhibition) will host hotel room mock-ups.

On the other hand, the Mostra Wellness (Wellness Exhibition) by architect Simone Micheli will give an example of what it means to dedicate space to relaxation and individual wellness. And, lastly, to meet the new need for safety in tourist destinations and hospitality facilities, the Tech&Services Focus will offer the most recent and innovative solutions for technical and sanification services.

SUN Beach&Outdoor Style
will also have as its guidelines the anticipation of service trends and innovation. Proximity, open air, low environmental impact and authentic locations are the key words for both seaside vacations and those on campsites, which also have the exclusiveness and luxury of reserved areas and unconventional locations. In Beach Village, SUN will highlight the new trends for the beach and in Camping – Nomadic Lifestyle will feature the best examples of Glamping, Yurte, Tiny House and Bubble Rooms. Innovation will play a key role with both the start-ups of the Innovation Seastyle Area and in Sun Next Camping, in collaboration with CNA Emilia-Romagna and Mondo Balneare magazine.

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