Photo Credit: Orpheum Graz


There is a reason why the Orpheum in Graz enjoys a legendary reputation among artists and fans worldwide. The house has soul and flair like no other. As one of the last all-around venues with a classical theatre stage, the Orpheum has aged gracefully and yet remained young. In 2016, the house was carefully renovated and technically brought up to date without losing its charm and patina. The venue is a perfect choice for event organisers of both large-scale concerts and smaller events.

Photo Credit: Orpheum Graz

Diversity continues to be a top priority at the Orpheum. This is reflected both in the décor and in the programme of the traditional house, which was originally opened in 1899 as a variety theatre. Event organisers have the option of renting the Great Hall, the Orpheum Extra (Small Hall) or the entire house for their event.

Photo Credit: Orpheum Graz


Total capacity: 1,310 standing room

Large Hall
Capacity: 1,220 standing room / 603 seats
Total area: 1500 m²
Large hall: 300 m²
Size of stage: 150 m²
Foyer: 150 m²

Orpheum Extra
Capacity: 300 standing room / 170 seats
Total area: 150 m²
Size of stage: 30 m²


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