Photo Credit: ESSA

The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) has announced that Karl Dukes, marketing director of Media Hut, has been appointed chair of the ESSA Sustainability Working Group.

Andrew Harrison, ESSA director, welcomed Dukes to the role, saying, “I’m tremendously grateful to the outgoing chair, Martin Cottrell, for bringing the group to life and the expertise he has lent to the cross-association group for many years. I’m delighted that Karl has accepted the role to lead our sustainability group, and his extensive knowledge of the field will be immensely valuable as the group addresses the sustainability issues and opportunities that now face our members.”

Photo Credit: ESSA

Dukes said, “As a long-standing member of the cross-association sustainability working group, I’m very excited to be taking on this role, and my thanks go out to Martin Cottrell, the outgoing chair, for setting an ambitious and important direction for us.”

Dukes continued, “The goal of fully sustainable events is still some distance away, but the need is growing more urgent by the day. Not only are there still serious environmental problems, particularly waste, that need to be dealt with, but we must also address sustainable employment and the wellbeing of everyone working in the industry. Covid-19 has been a setback for many of us on our sustainability journey, but we will be leading our members from the front, helping them get back on track, engaging with cross-association sustainability commitments, and assisting them through the soon to be released sustainability module in the ESSA Accreditation Scheme.”

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