Photo Credit: Ljubljana Tourism

Apolitical has published a list of the most innovative organisations in the field of tourism 2021, which are successfully solving the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and are looking for new approaches for faster recovery and more environmentally and socially friendly tourism. Ljubljana Tourism was selected among other esteemed corporations.

The global tourism industry supports millions of jobs and businesses around the world and helps to protect and preserve cultural and natural heritage. Yet even before Covid-19 reshaped the way people travel, policymakers were seeking solutions to decrease the environmental impact of tourism and increase economic justice for tourism communities. Now, as global leaders work to rebuild the industry after the pandemic, there are even more challenges in planning for recovery in a safe and effective way.

The expert jury justified their choice by stating that Ljubljana Tourism creates a highly structured tourist offer that is not only attractive to visitors but also has a positive effect on the quality of life of the citizens of Ljubljana. Areas of operation of Ljubljana Tourism range from the creation of tourist products, business tourism, to marketing and promotion, public relations and the production of promotional materials. The jury also highlighted the many prestigious awards won by the projects of the public institution under the leadership of the director, Petra Stušek, as they pointed out.


In addition to Ljubljana Tourism, the list includes governmental and non-governmental organisations that introduce examples of good practices to reduce the negative environmental consequences of tourism. Their fresh approaches, innovative solutions and the use of technologies lead to the introduction of sustainable solutions for better local involvement and respect for different cultures.

On this year’s World Tourism Day, Ljubljana Tourism thought the same, when they sent a message with the Postcards of Ljubljana Children project: tourism is a factor of internationalisation and cultural exchange between Slovenia and the rest of the world, and Ljubljana is an open city to all cultures, religions and nations, to which tourism makes an important contribution.

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