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We are proud to announce that Ljubljana Talks, a joint project between Ljubljana Tourism and Kongres Magazine is one of the 10 finalists of this year’s ICCA Best Marketing Award competition, which recognises the excellence and outstanding achievements of organisations in their effort to market their product and services.

What is Ljubljana Talks?

Ljubljana Talks is a micro-campaign carried out in three formats (online, live, hybrid) with the aim of keeping in touch during the pandemic, with friends and partners from Ljubljana, Slovenia and globally. A creative project realised with no budget, two co-hosts, one camera and a microphone.

The crisis had triggered intense reflection on what we want and what we can do in the midst of a catastrophic situation. Gorazd Čad, Editor in Chief of Kongres Magazine and Jan Oršič, Head of Convention Bureau at Ljubljana Tourism were tired of PUSH marketing that prevailed before the crisis. Their idea was to develop PULL marketing, which would be unobtrusive and empathetic.

“Ljubljana Talks is a relaxed talk show with interesting personalities, where we reveal great stories, have fun and co-create the future of the meetings industry. It is a comprehensive communication platform, distributed across 4 channels; Clubhouse, YouTube, Kongres Magazine’s web portal and Linkedin” said Gorazd Čad.


The project was the first time that a Convention Bureau and a specialised media joined forces in this way and successfully used Clubhouse for our communications. Clubhouse was born during the pandemic, and so was Ljubljana Talks.

Ljubljana Talks is a new talk show genre based on two co-hosts and provocative discourse that allows a single event to be part of a comprehensive communication platform. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime. It can be done Live, Online or Hybrid. Year-round. The first in-person edition of Ljubljana Talks took place at Conventa Crossover 2021 – the festival of events and live marketing. We upgraded everything that Clubhouse offered us and packaged it into an original concept. This is the first time that something like this was implemented in the European meetings industry.

Vote for the Ljubljana Talks project

Voting will close on 26 October, at 5:00 PM CET

It’s time for you to choose your favourite marketing campaign from among the 10 finalists. You can check the presentations of all the finalists and vote here.

Voting is open for ICCA members and will close on 26 October, at 5:00 PM CET. The winner will be announced during the 60th ICCA Congress, on 27 October 2021, at 2.30 PM CET.


Watch the 8th edition of Ljubljana Talks, where Gorazd Čad and Jan Oršič talked about the ICCA Best Marketing Award and how the project became one of the finalists of the competition.




Words are the most powerful weapon and the most useful tool. We humans are born storytellers. Stories give meaning to our existence, shape our world view and perception of reality. Through stories we learn both metaphorically and literally. Without stories, our emotional world would be empty and life would lack that special flair.

Today, creating opportunities and inspiring people is primarily done on digital platforms. And they are hungry for good stories and quality content marketing.

Jan and Gorazd are convinced that storytelling is the most effective communication mechanism for building relationships, because as such it stays in their minds and, if the story is really good, also in their hearts. In fact, storytelling is both a necessary and an effective way to engage participants, connect with them and start building a long-term relationship. And you need to use all available channels.