Conventa Crossover is the central THINK-TANK of the meetings industry in New Europe. For the past 6 years, it has been encouraging the development of the creative industries, bringing together key stakeholders, and confronting them with the challenges of the modern world.

The 6th Conventa Crossover conference provided an opportunity to officially coordinate and sign the LJUBLJANA MANIFESTO. A document that will define a new role for the meetings industry after the coronavirus crisis. It brings together new ideas and perspectives on what events of the future will look like. The declaration is a step towards strengthening international cooperation, education and public awareness in the meetings industry. It aims to encourage key stakeholders to develop new business models and to change how they do business.

Conventa Crossover 2021 (Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek)

The points mentioned in the document are summaries of the key findings of research that we have conducted on a sample of more than 7,500 meeting planners during the coronavirus crisis. The document was finalised with the help of participants and partners, who attended the Conventa Crossover conference in Ljubljana on 27 August 2021.


We prepared the manifesto on the premise that the meetings industry is a CREATIVE INDUSTRY at its core. It encompasses everything from the music and the broader cultural industries to design and marketing.

The meetings industry, like other creative industries, carries great social power and responsibility. Events are not only and exclusively an economic impact generator, creating revenue, stimulating investment and opening up new job opportunities. They also foster the development of new technologies and science, connect international leaders with local experts and promote the development of local companies and professionals.

Smart, green and responsible events will be based on the following points:

1. Focus on the participant

We respect and enthral our participants in order to meet their expectations. In this way, we build communities, which are a prerequisite for successful events.

2. No compromise when it comes to content

As event organisers, we know how to create and tell great stories. Excellent content is the foundation and essence of what we do.

3. Agile responses to change

We continuously and swiftly adapt and improve our events while learning from our mistakes. Hybrid events have proven to be the best solution for bridging the gap between live and online audiences, while also being more environmentally friendly.

4. Excellence and measurable quality

Events enable objective technical and subjective functional measurability. We know how to measure quality and to build robust ROI analytics.

5. Responsibility to the environment

Before organising an event, we always consider whether the positive impacts of the event will outweigh the harmful ones. It is our responsibility to organise future events with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

6. Creating exceptional 365/24 experiences

We know how to transform events into 365/24 experiences. In this way, our events are an important strategic tool for modern corporate and community marketing. Our primary goal is to create exceptional experiences for our attendees.

7. 360° communication approach

We organise events using all the communication channels available today and used by the participants in our events.

8. Dialogue

Through events, we promote interdisciplinary, intergenerational and intercultural dialogue. In this way, we have a significant impact on solving pressing social problems. Dialogue is more important than tools and platforms for communication.

9. Simplicity

We can transform your story into an event based on simple, clean, minimalist and sincere ideas with plenty of added value. Creativity at events is never an end in itself.

10. A culture of transparency

We organise events in a transparent and open-source way. We build trust between clients and agencies and foster quality cooperation with partners.

11. Digital competences

Digital technologies are an opportunity for us to improve the quality and interactivity of events. The technological, economic and communication aspects of digitalising events are a key to creating tailor-made events for participants.

12. Data at the heart of modern events

We use data to analyse performance (analytics), discover new opportunities (mining) and dynamically adapt events (personalisation). We use data to develop bold new projects.

13. Outside the comfort zone

We create events where the participant experience is digitalised and tailored to the needs of both live and online audiences. We don’t run away from the digital reality and we adapt to it successfully.

14. Interdependence

When organising events, we are aware of interdependence and reciprocity. Every decision and action has an impact on others, especially our partners and subcontractors.