Hybrid events are a prominent stage on the road to transforming events

The meetings industry is extraordinarily resilient. The current crisis marks the third in my career. Firstly, as I started in the industry in the middle of the nineties, they announced the downfall of events. After that, the economic crisis struck in 2008, which shook the foundations of our industry. The current crisis is intense predominantly due to the boosted digitalisation of the meetings industry. If we embrace change, the industry will emerge stronger than ever.

Most changes that have occurred in the aftermath of the corona crisis are not entirely new solutions, given that we have known such solutions for some time, yet we have only started intensively utilising them during this period. Not least, digitalisation can substantially boost the reach of an event.


Hybrid cars are, so they say, the best of the old petrol world and the new electrified, sustainable world. We can make a similar conclusion for hybrid events that are a logical response to the current situation of the world of events. Their number is persistently growing as they enable, in accordance with the epidemiological situation in countries and regions, a part of the audience to meet in person while others tune in online.

Organising hybrid events is challenging. Choosing suitable content is far more important than selecting technology because hybrid events connect two focus groups (live and online) with vastly distinct needs. Often, they are wholly confused with the concept of online streaming, although streaming does play an integral role regarding hybrid events. Undoubtedly, the key challenge regarding hybrid events is intertwining two audiences that expect two-way communication and interaction. In this field, countless innovations are happening.

Smaller Zoom meetings, which we have gotten accustomed to during the crisis, are not demanding to organise. There are a plethora of tools and platforms available for various purposes. When diving into a professional organisation, however, rich experience and know-how is a prerequisite. One of the main issues is the integration of services and tools. Therefore, we have started using the term DCO (Digital Conference Organiser), denoting an agency that encompasses specialised know-how in organising all types of online, hybrid and virtual events.

Conventa Crossover 2021

Digital event renaissance

During the corona crisis, numerous event organisers pondered whether or not to jump on the train of event digitalisation. The answer is simple – the world will roll by us if we do not. There is no way we can stop it anymore. We can, nonetheless, board it and try to comprehend and get acquainted with the proportions of this momentous new age.

We are living in a time of a digital event renaissance that will, similarly to the first renaissance half a millennium ago, profoundly alter our actions on an individual and social basis. That is why we have, as the year comes to a close, gathered some of our recommendations and thoughts into a guide that will help you organise future events.

Above all, we wish you successful events and satisfied attendees in 2022!

Gorazd Čad

Meeting planner, founder and director of the marketing and event agency Toleranca Marketing


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