Kongres Magazine’s editorial board has gathered the winning and shortlisted projects of the BEA World Competition. Being placed among the best is an accomplishment that serves as positive encouragement for the entire industry in current times.

Bea World is an initiative that recognises and promotes excellence in events and live communication across the whole world and takes place in the context of Bea World – The International Festival of Events and Live Communication. Created in 2006 to foster and advance the importance of events in the marketing plans of large and smaller corporations, the Best Event Awards have helped agencies from 40 countries in finding inspiration and new ideas for their events, and are now acknowledged as the main and most challenging international industry recognition.


Floating Island is a unique floating design object with green grass and various plants. A sliding ecosystem that glides on an electric motor and runs on solar panels.

With the help of special QR codes and developed applications, visitors could get acquainted with the Paulig coffee ritual instruction, learn the lake’s legend, participate in games, listen to a specially created lake sonata, meet the chef, enjoy a gastronomic performance.

Every detail – interior items, dishes, furniture, etc. – are newly created and specially designed, paying attention to the finest nuances. From specially created ecological toothpaste that does not harm nature, needle powder for the bath, to design chairs with ferns or a table designed as a model of Lake Mordanga with water and trees, which integrates modern technological applications. Floating Island is made of sustainable materials. It is powered by solar energy, which provides lighting and all the necessary household items.

The project was deliberately designed to make visitors feel safe. Therefore, the project includes technologies that created the effect of the presence of various artists. Visitors met musicians, chefs, actors in various applications or by scanning QR codes, which surprised and gave a sense of adventure and joyful emotions. The involvement of gastronomic performances was deliberately created to exclude human contact in a direct way, but the unique ways of serving food and drink gave visitors a new experience and glorious emotions.

The project is designed so that the visitors do not meet each other, but the workload of the project is formed as much as possible.

Name of the event: Floating Island
Date: June 12 – September 15, 2021
Location: Lake Mordanga, Talsi district, Gibuli region, Latvia
Organizer: Skudras Metropole, Don’t Panic
Client: Paulig Coffee Latvia
Event type: Brand Experiences
BEA CATEGORY: Brand Activation