Photo Credit: Eurovea Tower

The first real Slovak skyscraper

Bratislava’s premier skyscraper is in the midst of construction after more than two years. Eurovea Tower will reach a height of 168 meters by the end of its construction. J&T Real estate developer started the construction of Eurovea City at the end of 2019. The project was designed by architects from the GFI studio, with the author of the concept of public spaces in the whole district being the renowned architect and urban planner Beth Galí from Barcelona.

The value of the construction after completion will reach half a billion euros. Eurovea 2 consists of six buildings – the extension of the Eurovea shopping centre, the first Slovak Eurovea Tower skyscraper, the Eurovea Riverside waterfront residences, the Pribinova X, Pribinova Y office buildings and underground garages.

The project will bring to Bratislava:

– Expansion of the shopping centre – 25 thousand square meters of retail space (along with the existing centre’s 85 thousand square meters)
– Eurovea Tower – 45 floors, height 168 meters, 389 residences
– Eurovea Riverside – 7 floors, 96 residences
– Pribinova X – 18,000 square meters of office space
– Pribinova Y – 22,000 square meters of office space
– Underground garages – 1,400 parking spaces
– Extension of the Danube promenade – waterfront park of 25,000 square meters and a new park, playgrounds
– Pribinova City Boulevard – with a new square in front of the Eurovea Tower and a new alley of trees
– Connecting the promenade with a bus stop on the Apollo Bridge

Photo Credit: Eurovea Tower

A shopping centre will open first

According to Daniel Suchý, a spokesman for JTRE, the progress in construction is evident in the expansion of the shopping centre. The first customers will shop in the new part of the centre in the spring of 2023.

“Glass panes are being fitted into the steel structure of the massive skylight, a characteristic element of the design that visitors of the original shopping centre are already familiar with. The first stage of connecting the existing and new part of shopping is complete,” Suchý explained.

Photo Credit: Eurovea Tower

The best view of the city

The new Slovak skyscraper called Eurovea Tower has already reached the 26th floor of a total of 45 floors. Upon completion of the work, the building will reach a height of 168 meters. However, the entire building from the foot of the pile to the lighthouse will have up to 215.5 meters. If an adult stands on the roof, he will be able to see the panorama of Bratislava from an altitude of almost 293 meters, which is more than from the towers of Bratislava Castle. The interior of the skyscraper is already beginning to take on its original form. “Gradually, not only the facades but also the railings of the balconies were glazed, and the laying of stone paving on the balconies began. Partitions in the apartments up to the 13th floor have also finished,” said a spokesman for JTRE.

It is already clear today that Eurovea Tower will be one of the most expensive buildings in the capital. JTRE describes its project in terms of residential housing as the most expensive and most lucrative in its portfolio.

Completion of the Eurovea Tower is scheduled for mid-2023.

Photo Credit: Eurovea Tower

This article was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.


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