Photo Credit: The Stay Hotels

The Stay Hotels has been awarded carbon-neutral status by the internationally recognised sustainability specialist Bureau Veritas.

The certification marks a big step forward for the independent hotel group’s sustainability philosophy. The Stay Hotels also aims to be zero waste by the end of this year.

In a pioneering move for Turkey’s independent hospitality sector, The Stay Hotels engaged with Bureau Veritas to evaluate its adherence to the general requirements of ISO 14064-1, the international standard for greenhouse gas verification.

The Istanbul-based group underwent a thorough audit of its operation and has invested in domestic and green-energy projects locally and globally to counter any greenhouse gases produced. The company also works with companies that are similarly committed to using green and sustainable products and processes. For example, in its quest to use recycled materials as widely as possible, The Stay Hotels is working with a provider of brown sugar-cane straws, which will be introduced across all its properties from summer 2022.

Photo Credit: The Stay Hotels

“We are very happy to be a carbon-neutral hotel group,” said The Stay Hotels’ Managing Partner Ali Ispahani. “This process will continue to contribute to the world and the future as we implement these stages every year, by offsetting emissions and continuing to invest at home and across the world.”

The Stay Hotels operates four properties, with a total of more than 100 guest rooms, in Istanbul and Alacati. To achieve certification, the group met three strict criteria, which it will now implement each year:

– Measuring total carbon emissions over the consumption plan of the group’s four hotels, headquarters and other venues and vehicles;
– Investing in and supporting projects approved by international certification systems including Gold Standard and IREC;
– Undergoing an audit by an internationally recognised institution.

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