Photo Credit: By Design Conference

By Design Conference is an international multidisciplinary conference focused on design and design thinking, based in Bratislava, Slovakia. It features numerous world-renowned designers who share their experience and wisdom with attendees. This year’s event will take place in person on June 11,  2022, at the DPOH – the Municipal Theatre Bratislava.

All previous editions of the conference were completely sold out and have proudly hosted designers such as Stefan Sagmeister, Irene Pereyra & Anton Repponen from Fantasy Interactive, studio Vasava, Method, Erik Spiekermann, Jessica Walsh, Brosmind, Christoph Niemann, Ginette Caron, Stockholm Design Lab, Lotta Nieminen, Michael Wolff, Oliviero Toscani, Erik Kessels, Malika Favre, Natasha Jen (Pentagram), Tobias van Schneider, Moving Brands, Peter Biľak and Astrid Stavro.

The conference brings together the world’s most successful designers to share their personal experiences and pragmatic insights on putting theory into practice. Attendees learn how to educate people on how good design is born and how powerful it can be. Thanks to insightful case studies, the By Design Conference offers the unique opportunity to explore the process of design thinking and ideas that work.

Photo Credit: By Design Conference

The 2019 edition featured amazing speakers such as Aaron Draplin, Marina Willer, Eddie Opara, Gail Bichler, Francesco Franchi, Lou Downe, Suzy Tuxen, Graham McAllister and Naresh Ramchandani at the 6th annual and traditionally sold out By Design Conference.

The organisers of the trailblazing conference in design said the following about the programme lined up this year: “We will show you more than just a nice package and stylish typography. We will show you that there is more going on in design than just colours and Mickey Mouse. We will not be just showing slides, we will be talking about what matters in design. We will talk about functionality, real solutions and problems that preceded them.”

More than just colours and Mickey Mouse

“The speakers will lead you through real case studies that changed their projects for the better. You will see real problems that were solved thanks to design and design thinking. You will see that design can make money. Save money. Kick-off things and affect anything.”

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