Photo Credit: MPI

With every passing day, the invasion of Ukraine and the devastating humanitarian crisis that is unfolding has many frustrating dimensions. Ironically, beyond Ukraine’s borders, the military action impacts everyday life for Ukrainian hospitality students in neighbouring Poland.

The MPI Foundation has been reviewing opportunities to provide direct support to the meetings and event industry, and more specifically to Ukrainian hospitality students studying in Poland who have been adversely affected by the war. The opportunity was presented by Global Board of Trustees member Dr. Krzysztof Celuch, who has been actively ensuring students have the essentials for day-to-day living within their community. The critical channel to facilitating relief came through the MPI Poland chapter leaders who collaborated to act as intermediaries. Like many organizations, MPI and MPIF have sought an appropriate means to provide aid during the crisis.

While dozens of international agencies have been successful in supporting accommodations and logistics, most of these Ukrainian students will not be able to remain enrolled due to no financial support from home and fear of a limited future. It was this specific initiative where the MPI Poland Chapter and MPI Foundation saw a means to support our next generation of event professionals in a time when they need it most.

As a result, MPI Poland applied for a grant to prevent the disruption of careers due to students’ financial situation. In addition, these students have each been provided with a complimentary MPI Membership to allow access to the organisation’s resources and bring them into a supportive industry.

Now it’s up to you to amplify.

Using Global Meetings Industry April 7 as the platform of a sustainable and resilient industry, donations during the ALL-DAY broadcast and through Wednesday, April 27th will be targeted towards assisting Ukrainian hospitality students in need.

Find out more about the initiative here