Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

77 thermal water springs

The number of thermal water springs in Velingrad is astounding. Velingrad and its surroundings are home to the richest concentration of thermal water springs in Bulgaria and in the Balkans. According to experts, the region boasts 77 springs in six thermal areas.

Just behind Iceland

It often goes unnoticed that Bulgaria ranks second in the world per the number of thermal springs, only trailing behind Iceland. Thermal springs are one of the country’s natural treasures, and the majority of them can be found in Velingrad and its surroundings.

Photo: Aljaž Čad

Spa Capital of the Balkans

In 2009, Velingrad was named the spa capital of the Balkans. Velingrad was awarded the title by the International Hotel & Restaurant Association (IH&RA).

Velingrad bottled water

Velingrad has its own bottling plant bearing the city’s name, which is tremendously popular in Bulgaria and is known as one of the best mineral waters in the country. The brand, furthermore, tremendously contributes to the promotion of the city.

Kamenitza beer

One of the most famous beers in Bulgaria, Kamenitza, is named after one of Velingrad’s quarters. Even though the beer is brewed by the multinational company Molson Coors in Plovdiv, the brand represents excellent co-branding.

Hops production

In Velingrad, hops fields are found at 750 metres, making them valued among microbrewers and larger breweries because of their extraordinary quality. The view of the hops field is as romantic as it gets and a part of Velingrad’s veduta.

The biggest hand-made carpets in the world

The most unique and largest bespoke carpets globally are hand-made in the Hemus carpet factory in Velingrad. They can be larger than 30 m2 and are featured throughout famous palaces worldwide.

Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

The highest train station in the Balkans

The iconic Tesnolineika train takes passengers towards the highest train station in the Balkans, Avramovo, located at 1267m.

Photo Credit: Aljaž Čad

Bear Sanctuary Belitsa

The largest bear sanctuary was co-established by Brigitte Bardot. The first three bears, Kalina, Marjana and Štefan, were sheltered in the park in 2000. Bear Sanctuary Belitsa is the only bear sanctuary in Europe.